Keep Everyone Comfortable With HVAC Zoning

When you heat or cool your Mt. Pleasant, Texas, home with a standard HVAC system, it’s difficult to maintain the same temperature in all of your rooms. Some areas may be too warm or too cold. An HVAC zoning system can divert more capacity to the areas that need it, and the system has a separate thermostat for each zone, so you never have to waste energy cooling unoccupied rooms. Here’s some more information on how a zoning system can eliminate temperature variations and keep everyone in your family comfortable throughout the year.

How Zoning Works

The thermostats for the different areas in a zoning system are connected to the main control panel. Zoning systems use a series of automatic motorized dampers inside ductwork that changes air conditioning or heating levels according to your needs. You can choose a ductless zoning system with an outdoor unit and a separate indoor unit for each zone. A small conduit links the units instead of ducts. You can set each indoor unit to a different temperature.

Where to Install Zoning

Zoning systems can save the most energy in larger homes and homes with features that make temperature variations likely, such as large windows, high ceilings, more than one story, lofts, sunrooms, or a finished attic or basement. Rooms with lots of windows or on a different floor might often seem too hot or cold without zoning. In these homes, just one thermostat can’t accurately manage the temperature in all rooms.

Keeping Everyone Comfortable

If you are having a hard time agreeing on the best temperature for everyone in your home, a zoning HVAC system can help all occupants to remain comfortable. Family members who prefer warmer or cooler temperatures can change the temperature in their zone for maximum comfort.

Wood Air Conditioning & Plumbing can help you to decide if zoning is right for your home, and discuss options for choosing, installing, and maintaining the best system for your Titus County, Texas, home. Call us at 903-285-6550 for reliable, expert service.

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