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At Wood Air Conditioning & Plumbing, one of our highest priorities is helping our customers. We also seek to protect the environment by promoting better energy efficiency. All of our HVAC services are designed to do just that, from installing new, efficient Lennox equipment to performing routine service to help air conditioners and heaters maintain high energy efficiency. If you are serious about making your Mount Pleasant area home as efficient as possible, consider a home performance evaluation.

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The Evaluation

Our home performance evaluations, also known as home energy audits, include a whole-home assessment for sources of energy loss. We carefully inspect the insulation, windows, doors, roof, and other places where heating and cooling power could be leaking out of the house. Moreover, we look for energy-wasting behaviors such as leaving doors or windows open during the day. By taking all of these factors and more into account, our energy auditors can determine exactly where your home is giving up some energy efficiency.

Just determining the sources of energy loss, however, is only part of a home performance evaluation. With the results in hand, our energy-efficiency experts will recommend several ways to make your home more efficient, ranging from changing certain behaviors to installing new, more efficient equipment. Our recommendations will include a full payback analysis for each option, weighing the cost of setup against the potential utility savings. Many of our customers find that an upgrade to a more efficient system can pay for itself in just a few years, and some measures are cheap enough to offset the cost almost immediately.

Getting Ready

You can help your family make the most of a home performance evaluation by collecting information to share with the auditor prior to the visit. Contact your electric company for a summary of your last 12 months’ worth of utility bills, and be prepared to share information on the number of people who live in your household and the average thermostat setting. Your auditor will go over this information and more during the evaluation, providing you with as much information as possible on improving home energy efficiency.

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