Does Zoned Air Save Money?

Homeowners are always looking for ways to trim money from their household bills. Energy costs can be inconsistent, and heating and cooling can make a huge difference during a harsh winter or blazing summer. It’s important to have a comprehensive plan for cutting these costs.

Simple Money Saving Tips

One of the simplest steps in saving money on HVAC operating expenses is to keep track of your air conditioning filter. You should begin each summer and winter with a brand new model, and you need to check it monthly for excessive dirt buildup. Air conditioning filters with MERV ratings above 12 will be too dense for your system, creating inefficient operation. Look for a rating that’s above five for optimum filtration and efficiency.

Seasonal maintenance moves beyond your air conditioning filter to address efficiency issues. Wood Air Conditioning & Plumbing provides a comprehensive service that ensures our Hughes Springs TX customers of proper refrigerant levels, oiled mechanical parts and inspection of thermostats and ducts. Investing in such a service might seem like an extra expense, but it can eliminate nearly 95 percent of repair needs in your system. A malfunction can be a more expensive prospect, especially if it occurs during extreme weather conditions.

System Analysis

Our experts can also help you analyze major concerns with the efficiency of your home heating and cooling. Heat exchange can create problems in consistently moderating the temperature throughout your house. Upper levels in multi-story houses tend to be hard to cool in the summer while lower levels can be tough to keep warm during the winter. Zoned air can make a difference by directing the air stream to the spaces in need of more intense heating or cooling. Not only will home comfort be improved, but household expenses can also be cut in the process.

Zoned air may not be the right choice for every multi-level home. It’s important to work with an HVAC specialist like Wood Air Conditioning & Plumbing so that a professional evaluation of your existing heat pump, AC unit or furnace can be performed. If zoning is determined to be appropriate, there will be a need to install a system of dampers, electronic controls and thermostats. A central control panel is used to program each zone.

Small Home and Single-Room Zoning Options

In a smaller home, you may also want to consider zoning through the installation of ductless heating and cooling equipment. Individual rooms can be moderated with room units that connect to an outside heat pump through refrigerant lines and electrical connections. This can also be used to address problems with one or two rooms that don’t heat or cool appropriately through central equipment. This is a different type of zoned AC system, but the ability to moderate each space precisely and independently makes this an excellent option for the resident who needs to save on energy bills.

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