How HVAC Maintenance Does Double Duty

ac repair2The air in your Mount Pleasant home is probably dirtier than you think. The air in the typical home contains potent allergens, including pet dander, mold spores, pollen and dust mites. Clean indoor air is essential for good overall health and for preventing allergy and asthma symptoms, and it all starts with regular HVAC maintenance, which helps reduce indoor allergens.

Your Spring HVAC Maintenance Checklist

Before you turn on the cooling system this spring, there are a few tasks you should perform to ensure efficiency and reduce indoor allergens.

  • Stock up on high-quality HVAC air filters. A dirty filter won’t effectively trap allergens and can restrict the airflow to your system, which in turn reduces its air cleaning capabilities. Check the air filter each month and replace it when it’s dirty.
  • Look for signs of mold growth around exposed ductwork, and turn on the air conditioning system and check for musty odors coming from the vents. If you see or smell mold, consider having ducts cleaned by a qualified HVAC professional.
  • Insulate ductwork in the attic and crawl space to prevent condensation from forming, which can result in mold growth.
  • Seal air leaks around windows, doors and service entrances to keep outdoor allergens out.
  • Consider installing a whole-house dehumidifier or invest in a portable model to maintain a home humidity level of between 30 and 50 percent. This optimum humidity range will help prevent mold growth and reduce the dust mite population.
  • Schedule a professional preventive tuneup with a reputable HVAC contractor.

Professional HVAC Maintenance

Your annual HVAC tuneup ensures that the system will operate at peak efficiency for the duration of the cooling season to help reduce indoor allergens, increase efficiency to lower energy costs and help prevent breakdowns that can seriously compromise indoor air quality. An HVAC technician will perform a thorough list of tasks that includes cleaning the interior of the system, tightening connections and flushing the condensate drain to prevent clogs and mold.

For more expert tips on how you can reduce indoor allergens, please feel free to contact us in Mount Pleasant at Wood Air Conditioning, Inc.

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