3 Good Habits that Will Preserve Your Pipes

Has the sound of dripping kept you up all night? In the morning, you notice that you aren’t getting much water pressure out of that faucet. Fortunately, you can reduce your chances of this scenario by developing good habits that preserve the plumbing in your Mount Pleasant, Texas, home. Nurture these good habits to preserve your pipes, lower water costs and add convenience in your home:

Avoid Drain Cleaners

You turn on the sink to wash your face, and by the time you’re finished, you’ve got a murky birdbath thanks to a clogged drain. The answer may not be to pour a chemical drain cleaner into the pipes. Such cleaners can sometimes be a short-term solution, but the harsh chemicals damage pipes and can cause leaks. Instead of using cleaners, use pipe-cleaning tools or call one of our plumbers to remove the clog without causing damage. You can also mitigate clogs by placing hair catchers over your drain.

Watch What Goes in Your Pipes

Your pipes aren’t catch-all garbage cans. It may feel like tossing all your food into the garbage disposal makes clean-up easier, but that may be damaging your pipes and causing clogs. Avoid putting bones and otherwise tough or fibrous foods down the drain. The same goes for your toilet. The only thing that should go down those pipes is toilet paper. Everything else should go in the nearby garbage can.

Don’t Put Off Plumbing Maintenance

A little water dripping into your bathroom sink may not seem like a big deal. The longer you ignore such a leak, though, the more that leak can spread. As a result, your pipes will sustain more damage. At the first sign of a plumbing leak, call our team to have the problem fixed.

Nurture these good habits to save on water costs and preserve your plumbing for years to come. To preserve your pipes with plumbing maintenance, call Wood Air Conditioning & Plumbing at 903-285-6550.

Image provided by Shutterstock

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