3 Red Flags That Indicate You Have a Clogged Pipe

Your home’s plumbing is essential to your comfort in Mount Pleasant, Texas, home. A clogged pipe can cause immense problems. Water damage is especially destructive. But even a lack of efficiency can make life unnecessarily difficult. Fortunately, there are ways to remain vigilant. Learn about three red flags that indicate you have a clogged pipe and discover how keeping an eye out for problems could save you in the long run.

Odd Smells

Just about every homeowner has experienced that moment of disgust as a horrid smell comes wafting up from the kitchen sink drain. Rotting food getting caught in the drain is fairly easy to fix. But smells coming from other drains are a bit more problematic. They could indicate a dead rodent in your plumbing and a number of other problems. Therefore, it’s best to have your pipes flushed out by an expert.

Slow Drains

A slow drain is among the most common signs of a clogged pipe. This occurs when there’s a buildup of substances inside the pipe that slows water flow. Some products may be able to cut down the grime inside your plumbing. But you’ll always get better results when a professional addresses the issue. Make sure to listen for a gurgling sound as well. If that accompanies a slow drain, you could be facing a more serious problem like damage or a blockage.

Wet Lawns

Your plumbing will typically run underneath your lawn both in the front and back of your house. Water pooling in your lawn means a severe problem with your plumbing that needs help from a professional. It’s important to establish where the pipes are before you do any kind of digging. You don’t actually have to hit a pipe for there to be a problem, either. A plant could grow too close to the pipe and cause damage.

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