3 Benefits of a UV Air Purifier

UV air purifiers produce a type of ultraviolet light that the Earth’s atmosphere usually blocks. UV light can’t capture particulates such as pet dander or dirt, but they can kill many microorganisms. They can also damage the DNA of pests like dust mites, keeping them from reproducing. A professional can install an air sterilization light in your ductwork or a coil sterilization light in your HVAC system’s indoor air handler. Here are some great reasons for you to choose a UV air purifier for your Mount Pleasant, Texas, home:

Fewer Illnesses

A UV air purifier will kill many of the viruses and bacteria that spread the flu, colds and other illnesses. They can keep sicknesses from spreading through the air to multiple family members and help you avoid sick days away from work or school. UV air cleaners can also help people with existing illnesses prevent severe infections.

Energy Savings

UV air purifiers use less energy than conventional air cleaners that have filters because they only come on when your HVAC system’s fan is operating. A UV lamp can lower your utility bills by keeping biological growth from clogging your system’s filter, reducing air flow and forcing your equipment to work harder. It can also extend your system’s life by preventing excess wear.

Easy Maintenance

With a UV air purifier, your HVAC system’s air filter will need to be replaced less frequently, and sudden breakdowns will be less likely. You can use a UV air cleaner to protect your walls, ceilings, furniture, and floors from biological growth and bad smells. To keep it working efficiently, have the bulb changed by an expert once per year.

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