All About HVAC Air Filters

A basic air filter for your Hughes Springs, Texas, home is inexpensive and disposable. It can catch contaminants in your air like pollen, pet dander, dust, dirt and biological growth. That way, these pollutants won’t have a chance to shorten your system’s life, cause inconvenient breakdowns, or lower your indoor air quality. There are many types of HVAC air filters with different ratings available, and you should replace them regularly.

Types of HVAC Air Filters

Fiberglass and polyester filters are the least costly. But they can only trap large dirt and dust particles. They’re usually in cardboard frames about an inch thick. Cotton and paper filters can remove some smaller particles like dust mites, and many of these are recyclable. Electrostatic paper or cotton filters use static electricity to attract dust and debris. They can catch smoke particles and even some viruses and bacteria.

HVAC Air Filter Ratings

All air filters come with a minimum efficiency reporting value (MERV) rating. Choose an air filter with a high rating to prevent health problems. Since these air filters become clogged more quickly, you should change them at least once per month to avoid reducing your HVAC system’s airflow and wasting energy. Change air filters with lower ratings at least every three months.

Replacing HVAC Air Filters

In most HVAC systems, the air filter sits between the indoor air handler and the air return. Look at your current air filter to find out what size you need. The dimensions should be on the frame, and you can find most air filters at many hardware stores.

After you turn off your HVAC system, slide the old filter out of its compartment and place it in a plastic bag immediately. That way, you can keep contaminants from spreading into the air or onto your hands and clothes. Finally, insert your new filter with the arrows on the frame pointed the way the air flows.

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