4 AC System Noises and What They Mean in Naples, TX

Unexpected noises coming from your air conditioner in Naples, TX, can be pretty alarming. Some noises can signal a serious problem, and others just mean that a minor part has probably fallen out of place. Here are four AC system noises and what they mean:

Repeated Banging

Almost all banging noises are due to a broken component or a part that has slipped out of alignment. For example, a broken blower motor or a loose piston pin inside of the compressor will produce these banging noises. The louder the banging noise, the more likely it is that the issue is serious.

Slow Hissing

Hissing noises have a few possible causes, but the most common is a refrigerant leak. You should never try to fix a refrigerant leak on your own. To ensure your AC system has the right refrigerant charge, schedule a professional repair.

Loud Squeaking

Squeaking sounds signal that you’ll likely need to replace a connector belt or some of the bearings on your air conditioner’s condenser fan. While you’re waiting for a professional to come out and put in replacement parts, it’s wise to shut your unit off and avoid any further damage. By doing so, you’ll minimize the AC repair costs.


If there’s a lot of internal pressure built up inside of your AC system, air will sometimes whistle as it’s released. This pressure can be dangerous, and you should shut down your air conditioner if you ever hear loud or soft whistling noises. Some air conditioners automatically shut down if the internal pressure gets too high, so that’s probably what’s happening if your unit is whistling and turning off repeatedly.

Have you heard concerning AC system noises? To book an AC repair appointment, contact Wood Air Conditioning & Plumbing today.

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