That Noise in Your Air Conditioner Compressor–It’s Trying to Tell You Something

Despite its simplicity of operation, your household air conditioner is a complex piece of technology requiring proper care and maintenance in order to run effectively and efficiently.

Of particular importance is this HVAC unit’s compressor; if this critical part becomes damaged or faulty, it can mean disaster for your whole A/C system. In order to prevent such costly whole system replacements, it is critical to investigate any unusual noise in your air conditioner compressor and contact a professional if the following noises begin and/or escalate:

Clanking or banging
A clanking or banging noise in your air conditioner compressor could signify a loose crankshaft, connecting rod or piston pin. These components are generally tightly sealed, and it may be necessary to replace the whole unit. However, it could also indicate that the compressor itself is loose and the unit simply needs to be tightened down.

If the rattling noise occurs upon start-up and sounds as if it is coming from metal pieces, it generally means that interior hardware is loose and needs to be tightened.

Hissing or bubbling
A hissing or bubbling-like noise in your air conditioner compressor often signifies a refrigerant leak. Because exposure to refrigerants can cause serious health problems including refrigerant poisoning, cardiac problems and even sudden death, it is critical to call a professional for repair.

Humming noises generally relate to the system’s motor. If the air conditioner’s motor starts up slowly, it may be that the capacitor needs to be replaced.

If there is a screaming noise in your air conditioner compressor, immediately shut down the whole system and call your local HVAC professional. Screaming noises indicate dangerously high pressure inside of the compressor unit.

For information on regular preventative maintenance for your HVAC system, or for advice regarding an unusual noise in your air conditioner compressor, contact your local professionals at Wood Air Conditioning & Plumbing Inc. We have been bringing comfort, quality, and satisfaction to Mount Pleasant and the Titus County area for over 56 years.

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