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As the county seat of Titus County, Mount Pleasant has a rich, storied history that mirrors the wider history of the state of Texas. Founded in the middle of the 19th century, Mount Pleasant quickly grew into a regional market town that offered a place for local cotton, corn and bean farmers to bring their wares. With a population of nearly 10,000 by the start of the Civil War, the city served as an important source of soldiers for the Confederate war effort. Later, the region’s mines briefly served as a source of lignite for construction and energy production. These days, Mount Pleasant is a friendly community with an inclusive small-town spirit. It’s also one of the many “dry” cities in the region.

Mount Pleasant’s Geography

Located in the heart of northeastern Texas, Mount Pleasant sits in a rolling landscape that’s characterized by pine forest, wetlands and ample farmland. As the site of the intersection of Interstate 30 and U.S. Highway 271, the city itself is a major transportation hub that enjoys robust connections to Dallas, Little Rock, Houston and Oklahoma City. Mount Pleasant is also located just a short drive from two sprawling bodies of water: Lake Monticello and Lake Bob Sandlin. The latter lake plays host to Lake Bob Sandlin State Park, a world-class recreational preserve that attracts fishermen and boaters from miles around.

Population and Demographics

Although it has a modest population of fewer than 16,000 residents, Mount Pleasant remains a trade center for a wide swathe of northeastern Texas. It’s also a staggeringly diverse town that continues to add new residents from Texas and the surrounding states. New economic opportunities have attracted Spanish-speaking immigrants from Mexico and other Central American countries, and the city’s revitalized main drag now offers a multicultural smorgasbord for new arrivals and lifelong residents alike.

Things to Do in Mount Pleasant, Texas

Mount Pleasant’s rich history has produced plenty of attractions and points of interest over the years. It’s still possible to see the remnants of the region’s lignite industry, and the abandoned or rerouted railroad tracks that snake through town offer endless opportunities for daring history buffs. For those who prefer to stretch their legs in more contemporary settings, Mount Pleasant maintains a network of inviting city parks like event-friendly Caldwell Park and sports-focused Heritage Park. Meanwhile, local kids get a kick out of the town’s towering Dr. Pepper mural, an iconic painting that stands as one of the country’s largest displays of pop art.

Climate and Weather

Thanks to its northerly location within the state of Texas, Mount Pleasant enjoys a variable climate that sees plenty of extremes of heat and cold. Freezing rain, sleet and hard freezes are common from December to February, and early spring often sees an uptick in incidences of severe weather. Meanwhile, summer offers its own blend of weather-related highs and lows. Although frequent cold fronts can break the heat and produce stretches of mild weather that last for a few days, Mount Pleasant’s summers are often characterized by long bouts of sweltering heat and humidity that challenge even the most well-designed air conditioning systems. Fortunately, the city’s residents and business owners can count on a trusted air conditioning service provider for support.

Wood Air Conditioning & Plumbing in Mount Pleasant, Texas

For six decades, Wood Air Conditioning & Plumbing has been Mount Pleasant’s go-to team of HVAC and plumbing repair specialists. With a deep roster of long-term business and residential clients, the company is committed to ensuring the comfort of everyone who lives and works in Mount Pleasant and the surrounding region. Wood’s expert technicians are professionally trained, are required to take drug tests, and undergo background checks. These consummate professionals can be trusted to conduct services like duct repair, vent cleaning, coil and condenser replacement, furnace and heat pump troubleshooting, commercial installations, indoor air quality checks, and all manner of new construction jobs. As a factory-authorized Lennox dealer, Wood carries the company’s state-of-the-art heat pumps, wall units, boilers, thermostats, furnaces and air conditioners. Its air conditioning repair experts remain on call around the clock to respond to emergencies and urgent repair jobs. Wood also guarantees its customers’ peace of mind with regular maintenance and repair schedules. With a rotating slate of can’t-miss specials, Wood Air Conditioning & Plumbing is Mount Pleasant’s hometown air conditioning service and repair provider.

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