Evolution™ Air Purifier DGAPA



Compact enough to fit most tight furnace/fan coil installations, this whole-home air purifier solution the air flowing through your system. It silently eliminates up to 95% of particles.1 And, with Captures & Kills™ technology, it is proven effective against 3 common pathogens, including the common cold surrogate and human influenza.




  • Efficiency MERV 15 filtration captures up to 95% of particles1
  • Germicidal capability 99%2
  • Rated airflow 1620:1200 cu/ft/min; 1625:1400 cu/ft/min; 2020:1400 cu/ft/min; 2025: 1750 cu/ft/min; 2420:1750 cu/ft/min
  • Pressure drop Creates minimal airflow resistance
  • Filtration Patented Captures and Kills™ technology
  • Compatibility Can be fitted to operate in line with with nearly any brand ducted system. Patented True Sense™ dirty filter detection available with Evolution control
  • Installation For use with furnaces in upflow, downflow or horizontal positions
  • Electrical 115V, 208-230V
  • Cabinet Heavy-gauge, epoxy coated steel
  • Dimensions Furnace/fan coil sizes: 1620: 18.5"H x 7.25"W x 24.75"D; 1625: 18.5"H x 7.25"W x 27.75"D; 2020: 22.25"H x 7.25"W x 24.75"D; 2025: 22.25"H x 7.25"W x 27.75"D; 2420: 25.75"H x 7.25"W x 24.75"D
  • 1 Based on third-party testing (2012) showing 95% of particles size 1.0 to 3.0 microns captured.
  • 2 Based on third-party testing (2012, 2007) showing >99% kill rate for common cold surrogate, Streptococcus pyogenes and human influenza.

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