Why Commercial HVAC Load Calculation Is Important

As a business owner in Sulphur Springs, Texas, you understand the importance of your commercial HVAC system. Not only is it crucial for maintaining appropriate comfort levels for customers, but it can also help to boost employee productivity. Whether you’re opening a new business or renovating an existing one, calculating heating and cooling loads for your commercial HVAC system is crucial.

Meeting Specifications

You’re already aware of the countless rules and regulations in place when opening and operating a business in Sulphur Springs. When it comes to commercial HVAC systems, your heating and cooling loads must be calculated correctly to ensure that you purchase the right system for your needs. If load calculations are incorrect, you will experience problems including:

  • More challenges managing humidity throughout the year
  • Difficulty achieving consistent and comfortable temperatures throughout the building
  • Indoor air quality problems
  • Higher utility bills

All relevant information, including the building’s orientation, window types, average number of daily occupants and insulation levels must be considered. Our technicians will also examine other areas like the building’s envelope so you can address any problems that could interfere with air conditioning efficiency. We will confirm that there are no leaks around doors or windows, that there is sufficient insulation and that the ductwork is intact.

Bigger Isn’t Always Better

Things may be bigger in Texas, but oversized air conditioning systems will only do your business more harm than good. If you end up miscalculating your HVAC load, not only will the installation cost more than it needs to, but it will also short cycle. This means that it turns off and on more frequently because it cools the space too quickly. When this happens, it reduces the system’s life, and the building can feel clammy from a lack of dehumidification during the warm months.

Don’t risk wasting money on improperly calculated HVAC loads. Contact the HVAC experts at Wood Air Conditioning & Plumbing at 903-285-6550 to take advantage of our commercial heating and cooling services. Our cost-effective solutions can help keep your business’ budget in check.

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