Why Buying a Matched System Is So Important

matched systems

If your air conditioner or heat pump has developed problems that will require a new indoor or outdoor unit, both units should be replaced at the same time. Even though the upfront cost of replacing just one component is likely lower than the cost of replacing both at once, buying a matched system offers true advantages that make it worthwhile.

Improved Efficiency

Modern high-efficiency cooling systems are designed to operate with matched indoor and outdoor units. You may be able to cool your home if you continue to use your old unit along with a new unit, but the overall efficiency will be lower than that of a matched system. This means utility bills will be higher as well.

Equipment Life

Mismatched indoor and outdoor units can also reduce the equipment life of both units. Regardless of the age of the older unit, it might still be difficult to find a matching system. This is likely to affect the operation of both units, where the older fails to match the capacity of the newer unit. Trying to match capacity could overwork the unit, resulting in mechanical problems and even complete failure. The older unit can also affect the operation of the newer unit and reduce its efficiency.

Better Technology

By purchasing a matched system you will be able to take full advantage of recent improvements in cooling technology. Better coil design, improved air handling and better filtration will all contribute to lower operating costs and make it easier to keep your home comfortable throughout the year.

Matching Warranties

Buying a matched system will give you the same warranty for all of your major cooling components. Some equipment manufacturers won’t issue warranties unless both components of a matching system are purchased at the same time. Additionally purchasing a separate system outside of the manufacturer’s specifications could void the warranty on the existing unit.

To find out more about buying a matched system for your Mount Pleasant area home, give Wood Air Conditioning & Plumbing, Inc. a call at 903-285-6550. Our technicians provide expert repair, installation, and maintenance solutions for your office or business.

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