What’s That Weird Noise Coming From My AC System?

Your air conditioner’s purpose is to provide cool air to make your house feel comfortable when it’s hot and humid outside. The heavy workload can take a toll on your AC system, leading to breakdowns and repairs. If you hear a weird noise coming from your air conditioner, don’t ignore it. Schedule a professional AC repair immediately.


A loose or broken component inside your air conditioner will cause a banging noise. It could be a dislodged fan blade or a failing compressor. Ignoring this noise will lead to further damage and costlier AC repairs.


Hissing often indicates there are leaks in your air conditioner’s ductwork or somewhere near the AC system. Leaky ducts disrupt adequate airflow, decreasing your air conditioner’s efficiency. A refrigerant leak can also cause a hissing noise. Since refrigerant is hazardous to work with, seek professional assistance when hearing this noise.


Do you hear your air conditioner emitting high-pitched squealing sounds? It often means there’s an issue with the fan motor or the blower belt. Belts can wear out or slip out of place as the AC system ages, causing friction and producing these unpleasant noises. Prompt AC repairs can prevent belt damage and ensure proper air circulation.


Clicking noises usually signal problems with the electrical system in the air conditioner. Faulty electrical connections, a malfunctioning thermostat or a failing relay switch can cause annoying clicking noises. Ignoring electrical problems can pose safety risks to your family and home and may lead to a complete AC system failure.

Is your AC system making a weird noise? Don’t ignore the problem in hopes it’ll go away on its own. Contact Wood Air Conditioning & Plumbing to schedule an AC repair immediately. Our friendly service technicians will find and fix the issue fast while providing a long-term solution rather than a cheap and ineffective quick fix.

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