What Can Make Your Air Conditioner Smell Bad

When you turn on your air conditioner, have you noticed a musty or moldy smell? If air fresheners do not eliminate the odor, or if your air conditioner smells bad no matter what you do, then it is time for a professional HVAC contractor like Wood Air Conditioning & Plumbing of Mount Vernon TX to diagnose the problem. We offer indoor air quality services that include installing purification systems.

Why Your Air Conditioner Smells Bad

The Environmental Protection Agency concluded that indoor air is as polluted as outdoor air, and one reason is the lack of sufficient air exchange. Insulation with a high R-value rating lowers utility costs; however, without ventilation, indoor air becomes stale and stagnant.

Your air conditioning system is the source of the unpleasant odors.

  • Clogged condensate pipe and pan
  • Dirty sock syndrome
  • Unsealed ductwork

Condensate Pipe and Pan

The outside condenser unit houses the condenser coil. Warm air travels from the condenser to the indoor evaporator unit where cooled air circulates throughout your home. Additionally, the condensate pipe removes moisture from the system, settles in the condensate pan, and drains into the sewer. If the pipe or drain clogs, mold, algae, and bacteria form. Make sure you keep all debris from falling into the pan or condenser. Instruct your lawn care professional to trim overhead limbs, bushes, and shrubbery away from the condenser unit. Although the problem started in the pan or pipe, the ductwork of your air conditioner smells bad because of moisture accumulation.

Dirty Sock Syndrome – Does Your Air Conditioner Smell Like Dirty Socks?

Bacteria, mold, and slime accumulate and grow on the indoor evaporator coils of your air conditioning system. Customers describe dirty sock syndrome odors as musky and like the inside of a locker room. Typically, bacteria forms on the evaporator coil during the heating season of heat pumps. Air conditioning creates wet and damp coils, and when coupled with the bacterial growth, it is the source of foul odors.

One way to combat odors is with an air purifier. Reflective Electro Magnetic Energy technology reduces microorganisms by more than 99 percent. The REME Generator Advanced Oxidation system charges the particles in the air and attracts allergens, dust, and pet dander. Continuous purification keeps odors down and indoor air cleaner.

Air Conditioning Ductwork

The ductwork is an important part of your air conditioning system. Besides distributing air, there are other things found in ductwork.

  • Allergens
  • Bugs and insects
  • Dead animals
  • Dirt
  • Moisture
  • Pollen

As part of improving indoor air quality, have the ductwork inspected by one of our technicians with a North American Technician Excellence certification. During maintenance, we recommend cleaning, sealing, and repairing the ducts. Unsealed ductwork is responsible for escaping cooled air and outdoor contaminants entering through the cracks. Increased utility bills are a sure sign that your system is wasting energy and working harder than necessary.

If your air conditioner smells bad, call Wood Air Conditioning & Plumbing for service. A technician will come to your Mount Vernon TX home to fix the problem.

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