3 Ways Your Pets Worsen Indoor Air Quality in Paris, TX

Pets can be wonderful and affectionate companions, but just as often, they can impose significant burdens on you. For instance, they may negatively impact the indoor air quality (IAQ) in your home in Paris, TX, forcing you to take measures to counteract what they do. Here are three important ways in which your pets may worsen your IAQ:

Hair and Dander

Any furry or hairy animal poses a threat to your home’s IAQ simply on account of their fur. This includes dogs, cats and even tiny animals like hamsters.

Dander is a microscopic material that sits on the dead skin cells that your pets may shed into the air throughout the day. It may cause coughing, sneezing, irritation of the eyes and throat and other unpleasant symptoms.

Pollutants From Outdoors

Your furry friends may also bring in additional pollutants from the outdoors. Pollen is almost ubiquitous in spring, and dirt and dust are everywhere. Cleaning or at least brushing your pets after they play outside can help prevent them from carrying all of these things into your home.

Urine and Feces

Even after you’ve potty trained your pets, their urine and feces retain the ability to threaten your home’s IAQ. Of course, these things have quite unpleasant smells, but the difficulties they may cause extend far beyond this fact.

For example, pet feces and urine contain a variety of bacteria, and a risk exists that these microorganisms will waft into the air inside your home. These bacteria may be rather unpleasant in their own right, but they may also find their way into the interior of your HVAC system, begin growing there and cause trouble later. You’ll then need HVAC services to resolve such issues.

You don’t need to despair about any difficulties your pets might give you in maintaining IAQ in Paris, TX. Instead, call Wood Air Conditioning & Plumbing and ask for our IAQ services today.

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