4 Water Heater Maintenance Tips for Homeowners

With proper care and maintenance, the water heater in your Cookville, Texas, home can operate for a long time. To increase water heater efficiency and extend its lifespan, follow these four water heater maintenance tips:

Insulate Your Water Heater

Insulating your water heater could reduce your water heating costs by 7% to 16%. If your water heater is new, it’s probably already insulated. If it’s older, you can purchase a pre-cut insulation jacket or blanket for around $25. Your water heater could use more insulation if it’s warm to the touch.

Drain the Tank and Wash Out Sediment

Draining your tank every year will wash out built-up sediment. When sediment builds up inside the tank, it prevents the water heater from functioning efficiently and can shorten its lifespan. When draining the tank, turn the water heater off and proceed cautiously since the water draining from the tank is extremely hot. If you have an older water heater with a plastic low point drain, contact a professional before attempting to drain it. That’s because these types of water heaters are likely to leak or not turn off.

Adjust the Temperature

Many water heaters are set to 130 degrees by default. You likely don’t need it that high, though. Try turning it down to between 115 and 120 degrees. As a result, you’ll save energy and decrease your utility bills.

Install a Heat Trap

Heat traps are elements that allow cold water to enter the tank and prevent warm water from escaping through the plumbing. New water heaters have heat traps, but older models don’t. Heat traps are inexpensive and easy to install, and they save energy and reduce your utility bills. If you don’t feel comfortable installing one yourself, hire a service technician to do it for you.

Do you need help performing any of these tasks or want to discuss water heater installation? Give Wood Air Conditioning & Plumbing a call at 903-285-6550 for fast and friendly service.

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