Tired of High Energy Bills? An IAQ Evaluation Can Help

Have your high energy bills been bringing you down this summer? Are you tired of spending so much money just to stave off the Mount Pleasant, Texas heat? Many factors can contribute to high energy costs, but poor indoor air quality (IAQ) is one that many fail to consider. Over time, it can gradually reduce your air conditioner’s efficiency, which results in a higher energy bill. One step toward eliminating high energy bills is to have an HVAC professional perform an IAQ evaluation.

Indoor Air Quality Evaluation

Licensed HVAC contractors from Wood Air Conditioning & Plumbing can determine if your HVAC systems are reducing your indoor air quality. This service is offered as part of regular maintenance. It is also included with our Home Performance Evaluations or dedicated indoor air quality services. Whether the problem is a dirty system in need of cleaning, a filter in need of replacement, or a leak in the ductwork that needs sealing, our team can identify and remedy the issue.

Our technicians can make suggestions about affordable products and services that will increase your indoor air quality. For example, our duct cleaning service prevents contaminants from circulating through your home and increase system efficiency. For those with allergies or asthma, installing an air purifier can be a big help. All evaluations and suggestions are aimed at increasing comfort and reducing energy costs.

Benefits of an IAQ Evaluation

The link between indoor air quality and HVAC efficiency is undeniable. When indoor air quality is poor, the unit has to work harder than usual and this results in higher energy bills. An IAQ evaluation will help you and your family to breathe easier, enjoy greater comfort, and reduce your summer utility bills.

Having your IAQ evaluated will set you on your way toward greater efficiency and peace of mind. If you’d like help with improving your indoor air quality, give Wood Air Conditioning & Plumbing a call today at 903-285-6550. Our experts have the tools and knowledge to properly evaluate your home and identify IAQ threats and how these could be impacting AC efficiency.

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