Is It Time to Start Thinking About a New Heating Installation?

There’s no worse time for a heating system to break down than during the winter. Nevertheless, this is always possible, and if you don’t know the signs that a breakdown is imminent, they could take you totally by surprise. Here are a few signs that it might be time to get a new heating installation in Mount Pleasant, TX:

Frequent Heating Repairs

It’s perfectly normal for your heating system to require repairs every so often because wear and tear always exact their toll. However, after a trained professional has fixed your system, it should be able to function properly for a while without the need for another intervention. If you find your heating system needing repairs more often than it used to, this is a major sign that it’s probably reaching the end of its service life.

Massive Energy Bills

One of the most obvious signs that your heating system is on its last legs is a substantial drop in its efficiency, increasing your utility bills. This increase could be gradual, or it could be sudden and jarring. The important thing is that heating bills increase even though there’s been no increase in system use to justify them.

In this situation, replacing your heating system may be the only rational option. The collapse in system efficiency that leads to both higher energy costs and greater repair needs can mean that replacement will ultimately save you money, even if the upfront costs are somewhat high.

Short-Cycling Heater

When your heating system turns on and off before it can complete a full heating cycle, we call that short-cycling. Many things can cause this problem, but dirty air filters, clogged valves and other things that stymie airflow are major contributors. While short-cycling isn’t always fatal to your system — repairs or maintenance might very well remove the problem — seeing it in conjunction with other issues should get you thinking about replacement.

Don’t neglect the signs that you should get a new heater installation. Call Wood Air Conditioning & Plumbing to schedule HVAC installation services. We’re happy to select and install a correctly size heater for your house.

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