4 Signs of a Water Leak in Your Home

Leaks are some of the most disappointing issues you might experience as a homeowner. Discovering leaks in advance is essential since it helps you rectify the situation before it escalates. Watch out for the following signs of a water leak in your Mount Pleasant, TX, home:

Strangely High Water Bills

Are your water bills creeping up recently without a change in water usage? It points to a water leak in your plumbing system. Small drops accumulate quickly, consequently raising the water bill.

High costs could also result from leaky toilets or one that continues to run after flushing. Always check your water usage against the previous bills and take the necessary action by seeking professional help.

Poor Water Pressure

Have you been experiencing lower water pressure when showering or pouring water in a glass from the tap? You may assume there’s a problem with the water source. However, it could also mean you have water leaks in your property.

Low pressure occurs due to the accumulation of sediments on the pipes, broken valves or water leaks. If the issue persists, inform us for a thorough inspection of the entire plumbing system.

Rusty Pipes

If your water system has galvanized steel pipes, it’s likely to rust over time. Consequently, the pipes begin to leak, causing dampness on your walls and the surrounding areas. If you notice discoloration, stains or rust on your exposed pipes, it’s best to contact a plumber to inspect your system and advice you on the way forward.

Sagging Ceilings

Your ceiling might sag if there is a major seepage. Sagging occurs fast if there’s constant water flow in your home. Also, it occurs gradually if the dripping pipe releases a small amount of water.

It would help to keep an eye on the discoloration and sagging of your ceiling. When enough water gathers, the ceiling might collapse, leading to damage and expensive repairs.

Don’t ignore plumbing issues in your home. Contact us at Wood Air Conditioning & Plumbing for plumbing repair and maintenance services in and around Mount Pleasant, TX.

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