3 Signs Your Ductwork Is Dirty in Mount Pleasant, TX

Ductwork enables the heating and cooling portions of your HVAC system to affect your indoor climate. Given your ductwork’s importance, any ventilation system mishap — filthiness being among the most common — will have wide-ranging ripple effects. Read on to learn whether your ductwork in Mount Pleasant, TX, is dirty and if you need a cleaning.

Dusty Air

Dust is easily the most ubiquitous threat to indoor air quality, and your ductwork is its main means of entry into your home or business from the outside. Your HVAC system picks up dust from outdoors, pushes it through your ductwork and deposits it, along with treated air, into your home or business through your ventilation registers. Hence, if your home or business is dusty, your ducts are probably also dusty.

Rising Energy Bills

The connection between filthy ductwork and rising energy bills may not be immediately obvious. To see the relationship at play, recall again that your HVAC system can pick up debris along with air from outdoors and propel the whole assortment through its ducts and air filters. If the amount of this detritus becomes excessive and clogs your filters, this can stymie proper airflow.

All smooth HVAC functioning depends on proper airflow. Without this, the system will neither be able to heat nor cool your home or business effectively and will attempt to make up for this by eating up more power and forcing airflow. As a consequence, your utility bills may skyrocket.

Foul or Unusual Smells

Unpleasant smells of any kind — like a burning aroma, a musty odor or the stench of rotten eggs — may point to any number of different HVAC issues. However, filth or waste in the ductwork is one possibility you can’t ignore. Only a careful examination by a trained service technician can reliably pinpoint the exact nature of the problem.

If you notice the foregoing signs and do nothing, it may have terrible consequences for your property. Call Wood Air Conditioning & Plumbing to ask for a duct cleaning and let us straighten everything out for you.

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