Residents of Mt. Pleasant, Texas and Surrounding Area Could Benefit from the ‘Cut Energy Bills Act’.

For those homeowners who live in Mt. Pleasant Texas who are considering an air conditioning repair or installation, or heating repair or installation contract, you may be interested in the new tax credit concerning the procedure. Senators Bingaman, Feinstein and Snowe have introduced a tax credit for homeowners who are interested in saving energy, cutting costs and going green by installing these units.

In Mt. Pleasant Texas, homeowners who are willing to invest money into a complete energy efficient upgrade to their homes, this tax credit is for you. Contractors who are called to work on air conditioning repair or installation and heating repair or installation tasks in homes will also prepare the home by sealing air leaks throughout the dwelling, and lay insulation in walls and attics, on top of installing the HVAC unit, thereby placing the homeowner into the tax credit option.

The insulation additions, air sealing procedure and the installation of an energy efficient HVAC unit provides jobs around your area, opens up your energy budget which can be spent elsewhere which provides help for the economy, and uses far less electricity, gas or propane to fuel the home heating system to assist in the environment programs to keep the planet green.

Your local HVAC contractors who are accredited through the Building Performance Institute or who are a part of the Residential Energy Services Network Energy Smart Home Performance Team or who holds an accreditation based certification through the state can perform your installation or a new HVAC energy efficient heating and cooling system, install insulation and can work on sealing up incoming or outgoing heat or cool air. Homeowners can save $2,000-$5,000 by utilizing this tax credit opportunity. It’s a great way to save money, upgrade your home in value and to create jobs and help hold down the use of energy.

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