Regular Maintenance Helps a Heat Pump A/C Power Through Till Fall

With hot Texas summer days here, your heat pump cooling system is likely being put under high demands to keep your home comfortable and cool. With the increased workload, it is even more important to ensure that proper maintenance and care is administered to your heat pump A/C to keep it running smoothly all the way through to fall.

By keeping up on heat pump maintenance, you can save from 10 to 25 percent of the energy consumed by the system were it not maintained. Keeping the system clean and running efficiently also reduces stress on the system and increases the longevity of your unit and saves on repairs later.

Keeping the heat pump’s filters clean is a vital part of system maintenance. The filters should be checked monthly and cleaned or replaced if required. At this time, check to make sure that the coils and fans are also clean and working properly, and that airflow is not blocked or impeded. Compressor damage can occur as a result of diminished airflow, and even if damage does not occur, the system will still be far less effective if airflow is limited, so keeping things clean and open is a priority.

Don’t forget to check the part of your heat pump A/C that is outside as well. Keep branches, leaves, vines, nests and any yard clutter clear of the A/C and keep the outside coils clean.

Indoors, locate the registers that supply and return air to the unit, and ensure that they are clean, undamaged and not blocked in any way.

Remember to schedule an annual visit from a professional technician to perform a thorough servicing of the system and heat pump.

Contact us today to make your appointment, or if you need any more help or information about your heat pump A/C or other home comfort questions you may have. For over 56 years we’ve been helping Mount Pleasant area homes stay comfortable.

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