3 Reasons to Schedule a Home Performance Evaluation

Are the energy bills for your Sulphur Springs, Texas, home rising? Do you feel that your home isn’t as comfortable? If so, the best way to find out why you’re experiencing issues is by scheduling a home performance evaluation. This evaluation will inform you of where your home is becoming less energy efficient and how to remedy these problems. Here are three reasons it’s important to schedule a home performance evaluation:

Save On Energy Bills

Once a service technician completes your home performance evaluation, they will conduct an analysis report. The report will show where your home is losing energy and, thus, causing your energy bill to increase. Energy loss usually occurs when a house has:

  • Poor attic insulation
  • Poorly insulated windows and doors
  • Older, inefficient appliances

Based on the results of the report, your service technician will recommend ways to fix these areas of concern. For example, these recommendations may include:

  • Adding attic insulation
  • Adding weatherstripping to your doors and windows
  • Upgrading to more energy-efficient appliances

Improve Indoor Air Quality

During the home performance evaluation, your service technician will inspect the ductwork for leaks and cracks. If the ductwork is in poor condition, it’ll let dirty air enter your home. As a result, it may trigger allergy and asthma attacks.

In addition, if there are leaks around your doors and windows, pollen and pollutants can come in from the outside, which can potentially lead to respiratory illnesses. You can improve your home’s indoor air quality by having your ductwork cleaned and adding weather stripping.

Enhance Home Comfort

Once a service technician tracks down and fixes the culprits of energy loss, you should notice your home become more comfortable. Your HVAC system will start running better and more efficiently. As a result, it’ll keep your home warm in winter and cool in summer without costing more.

Do you want to schedule a home performance evaluation or energy audit? Call Wood Air Conditioning & Plumbing today at 903-285-6550. We’re standing by to make sure your home is maximizing energy efficiency while feeling as comfortable as possible.

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