4 Reasons Your AC System Keeps Tripping the Breaker

A circuit breaker trips when an electrical appliance in your Tyler, TX, house draws too much power. The air conditioner is one of the common culprits that can trip your breaker. Here are four reasons your AC system keeps tripping the breaker:

AC Compressor Issues

The refrigerant can absorb and release heat thanks to the compressor. As the compressor ages, it may struggle to start. When it draws excessive electric current as it tries to start, your circuit breaker trips.

If you notice the outdoor part of your air conditioner vibrates before your system starts working, the compressor is struggling to turn on. Ask a professional to repair the air conditioner compressor to enable it to start normally.

Clogged Air Filter

When your air filter catches too many impurities over time, they accumulate on it and block air from entering the air conditioner. Consequently, your air conditioner works harder to draw air for cooling.

Working hard makes the system draw more current and trip the breaker. Change your filter regularly to prevent airflow issues. Ideally, you should do so every 30-90 days.

Dirty Condenser Unit

The condenser coil is in the outdoor part of your air conditioner. When the refrigerant enters this coil, it releases the heat absorbed from your indoor air to the surrounding environment.

When leaves, debris and dirt enter the outdoor section of your AC system, they reduce its ability to transfer heat. Consequently, your air conditioner works harder than usual as it tries to dispose of heat, thus drawing more electric current. Schedule maintenance services often enough to keep your air conditioner’s components clean.

Electrical Issues

If your AC system has frayed wiring, a short circuit may occur; this could cause fire to break out. The circuit breaker trips to cut the electricity supply to the air conditioner to avoid a fire.

Instead of resetting the breaker when it trips, consider a permanent solution. Call our air conditioning experts at Wood Air Conditioning & Plumbing to have your system inspected and repaired. Our team will find the underlying problems that are making the AC system consume excessive electricity and fix them.

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