Quick Air Conditioner Adjustments That Maximize Energy Savings

For many homeowners, the cooling bill ends up being their biggest monthly utility expense during the summer. With warmer weather already making its way across Mount Pleasant, Texas, you’ll undoubtedly want to educate yourself on hassle-free ways to keep your cooling bill to a minimum. Here’s a look at quick air conditioner adjustments that maximize energy savings without compromising indoor comfort.

Clear Debris Around the Outdoor Unit

The warmer weather is great for spending time outdoors. In your free time, make your way outside to the AC’s outdoor unit to check it for debris. Leaves and other debris that make their way into the unit can hinder its efficiency and increase your cooling bills. Removing these leaves and keeping nearby shrubs and trees at least three feet away from the unit are great ways to maximize cooling efficiency. Always leave in-depth cleanings of the outdoor unit in the hands of a professional HVAC service technician.

Vacuum the Supply Air Vents

Walk throughout your home with a hand-held vacuum and clean the air vents in each room. As dust, dirt and pollen collect on these vents, they impede airflow and decrease cooling efficiency. Dirty air vents can also aggravate allergy and asthma symptoms. In addition to vacuuming, make sure to keep furniture and window curtains from blocking the vents. This small change ensures the AC system is achieving optimal airflow.

Schedule a Professional Duct Cleaning

Schedule a duct cleaning appointment to ensure the ductwork is free of all debris and maintaining superior airflow. In addition to cleaning the ductwork, the service technician can check for holes. Conditioned air escaping through the holes will decrease energy efficiency. With properly sealed, cleaned and insulated ductwork, it becomes simple to maximize energy savings.

Contact Wood Air Conditioning & Plumbing today at 903-285-6550 to increase your AC unit’s energy efficiency without compromising indoor comfort. You can also schedule a duct cleaning appointment along with an air conditioner preventive maintenance check.

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