Prep Your Mount Pleasant Home for Fall With These Maintenance Tasks

fall home maintenanceThe change of seasons brings cooler weather to Mount Pleasant — the perfect time for fall home maintenance to prepare for the upcoming winter months. Any outside tasks are accomplished more easily now than in super cold temperatures, and no one wants to be faced with a winter outdoor repair job. A little well-spent time on maintenance and preparation now will be appreciated when winter is upon us.

Outside Maintenance Checklist

  • Air circulation – Check outside dryer vents for blockages, as well as kitchen and bathroom exhaust fans for proper operation.
  • Roof, downspouts and gutters – Clean out the downspouts and remove any debris from the gutters. Inspect the roof for any missing or cracked shingles. Inspect the flashing for damage and the area near the chimney for openings and damaged mortar.
  • Siding and water faucets – Walk around the house and look for loose or damaged siding. You may want to shut off outside water access at this time.
  • Emergency power – Run the emergency generator and inspect for proper operation.

Indoor Fall Home Maintenance

  • Seal the home – Inspect around doors and windows for any drafts, and seal with caulk or weatherstripping as appropriate. You may want to take a look in the attic or crawl space to ensure there’s enough insulation.
  • Inside tasks that require open windows – Painting, carpet cleaning, and any jobs that require strong cleaning fluids can be done now with the windows open before the drop in outside temperatures.
  • Clear area around air vents –  Move any objects that are blocking air vents inside the home and clear any debris from the supply and return vents.
  • HVAC inspection and service – Fall home maintenance should also include the heating and cooling system. Schedule repairs now to avoid any mid-winter breakdowns.  A professional inspection and cleaning of the system can detect any problems that need attention.

For help with fall home maintenance, or for other home comfort concerns, please contact Wood Air Conditioning & Plumbing. We’ve been proudly serving Mount Pleasant, Sulpher Springs, Winnsboro and surrounding areas for over 57 years.

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