Plumbing Issues You Can’t DIY WIthout Risking Damage or Injury

Sometimes, you just have to call in the professionals. The risks of doing something yourself far outweigh the benefits when it comes to plumbing problems for the residents. Homeowners could risk leaks, fires, smells, and backups because they simply don’t have the expertise or equipment. What a homeowner in Omaha, Texas, can do in four hours, a professional can solve in one, which saves you money in the end. Here are three plumbing issues you can’t DIY without risking damage or injury.


Flooding caused by backed-up drains and toilets can cost a typical homeowner lots of money due to significant damage to furniture, flooring and walls. While some people can complete surface repairs, a professional plumber will get to the root of the problem. Your plumber has the equipment and capability to see the state of your home’s piping and determine the cause of the flood, whether it’s a tree root or major blockage.

Severely Clogged Drains

The task of cleaning clogged drains is a lot more daunting than many DIY homeowners realize. Chances are you haven’t been cleaning all that hair and grease regularly, resulting in a massive buildup. Unfortunately, a normal household cleaner isn’t as efficient or thorough as some of the heavy-duty equipment that professionals use. Plumbers also have the knowledge and expertise to repair damaged piping.

Water Heater Repairs

If you have a broken bone, chances are you’re not going to set it yourself for fear of risking further injury. The same applies to the repair of a broken water heater. The risks of repairing a water heater yourself involve risks like a potential gas leak. Requesting the services of a professional plumber won’t only ensure the repair meets code requirements. It’ll also guarantee a job well done. As a result, you’ll gain peace of mind.

Our professionals at Wood Air Conditioning & Plumbing offer quality workmanship, proper diagnostics and real solutions. Give us a call at 903-285-6550 to remedy all of your plumbing issues.

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