3 Items Found in Dirty Air Ducts and How to Prevent Them

Similar to your house’s plumbing system, the ductwork in your Omaha, TX, home can hide many secrets. To help prevent these hidden items from reducing your home’s air quality, it’s important to understand what’s in your air ducts and schedule a cleaning. Here’s an eye-opening list of common items found in dirty air ducts and advice on what you can do to protect them:


Excess humidity in your home can lead to more moisture in your ducts. If there’s any dust in the ducts, the damp conditions could cause bacterial growth. Since microbial can cause respiratory irritation, it’s important to schedule a duct cleaning as quickly as possible. By doing so, you’ll protect your family’s health.

Small Toys

Even if you have nonremovable vent covers, there’s still a good chance that small toys will end up in your home’s ducts. If these toys are light enough, they could rattle around in your ducts when air flows past. Plus, if the toys end up in the return ducts, your HVAC system could suck them in and cause major issues.

Dead Animals

If there’s a strange smell in your home and you can’t find what’s causing it, you may need to schedule a duct cleaning. That’s because small animals can chew holes in your ducts and trap themselves inside as they look for food. As an animal begins to decompose, your home will begin to smell terrible until a service technician removes the creature from your dirty air ducts.

The best way to keep your air ducts clean is to keep a high-quality filter in place at all times. In addition, schedule regular HVAC maintenance from Wood Air Conditioning & Plumbing. We’ll be sure to inspect the ducts. You can trust your HVAC system to our capable professionals.

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