HVAC Guard Dogs – Air Filters That Fight Allergens

Wood Air Conditioning & PlumbingYour Sulphur Springs business can play home to many allergens. The first thing to do is identify your common Texas allergy sources and some of the air filters and indoor air quality systems that may help to minimize their impact on your empolyees.

Indoor Allergy Relief

An air purification system works in conjunction with your existing HVAC equipment to trap these and other impurities and prevent them from recirculating. A variety of air filters are available to assist in the collection of fine particles that can infiltrate your workplace.


Comprised of a mixture of dander, dirt, skin cells, insect parts, mold spores, organic fibers and other particles, dust is found everywhere throughout your offices and shop floors. While impossible to eliminate, there are measures you can take to reduce levels and alleviate allergies.

Reduce clutter to avoid providing more surfaces for dust accumulation. Replace carpeting with hard flooring, which is easier to clean and keep clean.

Dust Mites

These miniscule creatures feed on dead skin cells in areas of high concentration, such as bedding. Their droppings are one of the most common household allergens, causing respiratory issues in those that are allergic. Preventive measures include protective cases for pillows and mattresses, and washing linens weekly in hot water.


Tiny spores are easily brought indoors through open doors or windows, on hair and clothing, and via pets. Change clothing after spending time outdoors, wipe down pets before they return indoors, and rely on air conditioning during warm weather.


Pet dander is light and sticky, adhering easily to clothing, hair or shoes. Once inside your business, it can trigger common allergy symptoms such as itchy eyes, runny nose, congestion and sneezing.


This fungus grows easily in dark, damp areas such as the bathroom or basement. Ventilation and vigilance are the keys to controlling mold growth. What else helps? Use exhaust fans when cooking, showering or doing laundry, and check exposed plumbing for leaks frequently.

Learn more about Wood Air Conditioning & Plumbing, Inc.’s indoor air quality solutions to help control common household allergens, or contact us today at 903-285-6550 to schedule an indoor air quality evaluation.

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