How to Troubleshoot Your ERV or HRV System

A balanced, whole-house ventilation system is a great way to deal with the Cookville, Texas heat, but even the best of systems can run into problems. Learn a little about ERV and HRV troubleshooting and you’ll know what to do when a problem does show up.

A Few Simple Checks

Like all devices and equipment around your home, your heat recovery and energy recovery ventilation systems can encounter problems. One of these is a loss of power. Make sure your ventilation system’s power disconnect switch wasn’t accidentally bumped into the “off” position.

Check your home’s electrical panel to make sure the circuit breakers haven’t been tripped and that no fuses are blown. It’s safe to reset the breaker or replace the fuse one time. If the breaker trips or the fuse blows again, there could be a serious electrical problem somewhere in your system. Contact a technician for an inspection.

Impaired airflow is another common problem. Make sure the system’s air filters are clean. Check the exhaust grills for debris buildup or other blockages. Take a look in the accessible parts of the ducts for debris or foreign objects stuck inside.

Inspect for System-Specific Problems

ERV and HRV troubleshooting also depend, in part, on the type of system you have. Heat recovery ventilators (HRVs) are prone to condensate drainage problems. If you notice poor drainage, check for blockages in the drain tube and in the grommet, the black rubber valve at the bottom of the drain. The drain tube should be free of bends and positioned at a slight angle.

The hot, humid climate in our region makes an ERV a great complement to your HVAC system. Models today are energy efficient and designed to operate quietly. These systems further improve the performance and efficiency of your HVAC system as they help to purify your indoor air, removing not only stale air but pollutants as well.

For more information about ERV and HRV troubleshooting or repairs and other indoor air quality solutions, call Wood Air Conditioning & Plumbing today at 903-285-6550.

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