How to Choose the Right Size Air Conditioner

If you choose an air conditioner that is too large, it will result in higher bills and inefficient air conditioning. It could also make you feel hot and clammy because the system won’t stay on long enough to dehumidify your home. On the other hand, an air conditioner that is too small won’t be able to cool your Hughes Springs, Texas, home effectively. Without the right size system, excess wear could force you to have to replace your air conditioner sooner than planned. You can choose the right size for your air conditioner by hiring a qualified HVAC technician with the know-how to perform accurate load calculations.

Manual J

The Air Conditioning Contractors of America have made available a Manual J or Residential Load Calculation guide to make HVAC sizing calculations easier and more accurate. Manual J considers local temperatures, the amount of insulation in your home, the number of people who live there, the size of your home, the number of windows, the shade outside, and more. Many contractors use special Manual J software to make the process even faster.

Manual D for Ductwork

Finding the right size for your ductwork is also important for your system’s efficiency. Ducts that are too large will waste energy as your air conditioner will not be able to process the volume of air required. Ducts that are too small are just as inefficient and can lead to excess wear and tear on your system. Contractors use Manual D or Residential Duct Design to calculate the best size for your ductwork.

Calculating Your Refrigerant Level

Many air conditioners don’t come with enough refrigerant. This can cause mechanical problems and waste energy. When you have a new system installed, your contractor should adjust the amount of refrigerant, also called the refrigerant charge, according to pressure and temperature readings and the length of the pipes between your indoor and outdoor equipment. Your installer will test your system a few times while adding refrigerant to make sure you have the correct refrigerant charge.

Wood Air Conditioning & Plumbing can help you choose and install the right size air conditioner for your home. We can also maintain and repair a variety of HVAC systems. Call us at 903-285-6550 for more information.

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