How to Find Hidden Water Leaks in Hughes Springs, TX

Most homeowners in Hughes Springs, TX, struggle with hidden water leaks at some point. Early identification of the sources is vital to prevent extensive property destruction. Here are the best ways of detecting hidden water leaks in your home:

Monitor the Water Meter

Firstly, checking your water meter is among the most effective ways of telling if there are leaks within the plumbing network. To identify leaks, turn your water off and observe whether the water meter changes.

If the meter still runs when the water is off, there’s a leak in your piping system. Consult a professional plumber to identify the exact location of the leak and make repairs. Additionally, the plumber will check your water meter to confirm that it’s not faulty.

Check Your Water Bills

Typically, your monthly bills should maintain a consistent range, depending on how you spend your water. An unexplained spike in the water bills indicates possible water loss through leaks and cracks.

If the monthly water consumption exceeds 12,000 gallons for a family of four, there could be severe leaks in your plumbing system. Make sure to contact a plumbing expert once you notice an abnormal rise in your water usage.

Toilet Water Leaks

Toilet water leaks result in immense water wastage. If not fixed early, you’re likely to spend lots of money paying for increasing water bills.

To check for leaks, add some food coloring to the toilet tank and give it a few minutes. Streaks of the food coloring in the toilet bowl mean that the toilet tank is leaking.

Visual Inspection

Finally, frequent visual inspection is crucial to point out property damage arising from the hidden leaks. Discoloration on the walls, surfaces and ceilings is a visible sign of leaks in the piping network. Additionally, watch out for musty odors that affect the indoor air quality.

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