How Do I Know If My Heater or Air Conditioner Needs Service?

If your air conditioner conditioning or heating unit isn’t operating effectively, it may possibly need to be serviced. Sometimes it can end up being difficult to define whether your unit is breaking down or just working beyond capacity because of intense temperatures. If you have any concerns about your air conditioning heating model, we encourage you to contact your support professional and make sure the situation is resolved. Here are usually a few signs and symptoms of a breakdown:

The air conditioner or heater runs constantly. Many air conditioner and heating models include programmable thermostats so that the unit exclusively works when the temperature on the inside of your house needs to be tweaked. If the unit runs continuously, the unit may be having a thermostat problem.

Your power bills continue to keep increasing. It’s typical for your heating bill to be higher in the winter weather and your electricity bill to be larger in the summer months. Even so, if your bills continue to climb even after using your unit significantly less or continue increasing despite no change in the amount you utilize the system, it may require service.

Circuit breaker problems. If the unit trips the circuit breaker each and every time it turns on, something’s wrong in your electrical system. Possibly the unit itself has a short circuit or something else is improper with the electric system within your house.

The system isn’t running, is barely working or will take a long time to start working. Any of these types of issues are classic symptoms that your unit requires servicing. It may well be an easy repair such as replacing a dirty air filter or a more complicated problem such as a broken compressor.

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