Good Insulation Equals Comfort and More Efficient Heating and Cooling

Staying cool during a Sulpher Springs summer can be difficult. As temperatures soar outside, you might notice that your air conditioner just doesn’t cool your home as well as you’d like. Insufficient cooling can be particularly frustrating if you’ve recently invested in a new A/C system. Or perhaps your home is pleasantly cool, but your electricity bill is much higher than you expected. If you’re looking for solutions to insufficient cooling or wallet-draining energy bills, be sure to take a look at the insulating materials in your home’s walls, ceiling, floorboards and attics. Poor insulation might be the root of your problems.

Understanding Your Home’s Insulation

The insulating materials used in your home are designed to prevent warm air from leaving when it’s cold outside and to prevent warm air from entering when it’s hot outside. Depending on the age and style of your house, insulating materials might be located in the walls, ceiling, attic or floorboards. Your home may be insulated with any of the following materials:

  • Fiber bats that are designed to be rolled out in attics, floorboards and walls.
  • Synethic and natural spray-in materials that can be applied to virtually any surface.
  • Blow-in materials, such as spun fiberglass, that are blown into closed attics and walls.
  • Molded materials used to cover pipes and joints.

If you don’t know the type of insulating material used in your home, cut the power off to the exterior of your home and remove an outside outlet. You may be able to see insulating material behind the wiring for the outlet. You can also examine unfinished areas of your home such as your basement, attic or garage.

Do Insulating Materials Promote Energy Efficiency?

If your home is well-insulated, you may notice that it doesn’t take very long to cool your rooms using an air conditioner. You might also notice that your rooms stay cool for a long time even after the A/C unit has kicked off. This is because good insulating materials can promote a high level of energy efficiency. These special materials prevent the cool air created by your A/C unit from leaving your home.

Of course, good insulating materials also increase energy efficiency by keeping warm air from entering your home even when your A/C unit isn’t running. Remember that the cooler your house is to being with, the less energy your A/C unit will expend in order to bring the temperature down to your desired comfort level.

Updating Home Insulation

If your home isn’t well insulated, you may want to consider having new insulating materials installed. You should always work with a professional contractor when handling insulating tasks. A contractor can handle these materials safely and will ensure that they are properly installed.

At Wood Air Conditioning & Plumbing, we know that saving energy at home is important. We’re proud to provide a variety of HVAC services to residential and commercial customers throughout Sulpher Springs, TX. Call us today to talk about energy-efficient cooling systems and your insulating options.

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