Everything You Need to Know About HVAC Air Filters

An air filter keeps contaminants from collecting inside the air handler and clogging the coils in your HVAC system. Clogged coils cannot heat or cool the air passing over them. Here’s everything you need to know about HVAC air filters and the different types available in Mount Pleasant, TX.

Pleated Air Filters

Pleated air filters comprise polyester fabrics or cotton folds. The folds or pleats maximize the surface area for filtering. This material allows effective filtering while minimizing the impact of airflow.

Pleated air filters with a high MERV rating have high filtering efficiency. Pleated filters trap a high percentage of large particles and a higher number of small particles than other filters. You need to replace them regularly to avoid clogging.

Fiberglass Air Filters

Fiberglass filters are the most commonly used type. They’re disposable filters and consist of layered fiberglass fibers laid over each other. They contain metal grating to reinforce and support the fiberglass and keep it from falling or collapsing.

Fiberglass filters have a MERV rating of 1-4. They can prevent large particles from getting into your HVAC system. Fiberglass filters are pocket-friendly and can be replaced after each month of use.

Washable Electrostatic Filters

Washable electrostatic filters are reusable instead of replaceable. They include a metal frame and use static electricity generated as air flows through the crevices. Particulates attach to the metal where the filter traps them until you wash it with water.

Washable filters can last for a long time. You can wash and reuse them several times before they wear out. Washable filters are most effective in trapping smaller particles.

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