3 Ductless Heating Sounds and What They Mean

Homeowners in Mount Pleasant, TX, often choose to buy ductless heating systems because they want a smaller, simpler and quieter indoor climate control solution. While this makes sense, ductless heating systems can still break down and make odd noises. Here’s some information about three different ductless heating sounds and the probable meanings of each.

Hissing or Bubbling

Hissing or bubbling sounds almost certainly mean that refrigerant has somehow leaked out of your system’s refrigerant lines. This noise occurs because air bubbles have formed in the refrigerant lines in the wake of the leak.

It’s important that you take care of this problem because refrigerant leaks threaten to seriously undermine the overall performance of your system. In addition, refrigerant is dangerous, so you should always leave the matter of replacing it to professionals. HVAC service technicians can do this for you while performing repairs or maintenance.


Many different things can create this sound, but a faulty fan motor or a compressor clogged with debris are two especially common causes. More generally, this sound might point to some kind of electrical issue in your system, like a failing motor or a loose or frayed wire. There are significant hazards associated with DIY repairs for such things, so you should never attempt to fix them on your own.

Rattling or Banging

The most likely explanation for this sound is a loose system component, usually a fan blade. The sound might also come from your condenser, which would indicate debris inside it. General wear-and-tear can always set various parts loose, so tuneups on your system are important.

Don’t ignore the noises coming from your ductless heating system in Mount Pleasant, TX. Instead, take action and call Wood Air Conditioning & Plumbing as soon as you can and ask for our ductless HVAC services.

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