Don’t Risk Voiding an HVAC Warranty by Making These Mistakes

HVAC warrantyIt’s a common misconception to think that your new furnace or air conditioner is covered under the manufacturer’s warranty just because you paid the purchase price and had it installed at your residence or business. On the contrary, all warranties require some kind of action on the part of the buyer in order to be considered valid and receive proper coverage. Any of the following mistakes can void an HVAC warranty.

Failure to Register the Warranty

If the warranty isn’t registered with the manufacturer, it will generally lead to the warranty being voided. In addition, this registration must usually occur within a certain time frame specified by the manufacturer in order to maintain coverage on the appliance.

Failure to Use Manufacturer’s Parts

Almost all warranties require that any replacement parts used for repairs must be parts made by the manufacturer. This makes perfect sense, because no manufacturer wants to be in the position of having to guarantee parts made by another company.

Improper Installation

Having your appliance improperly installed can lead to serious problems and degrade the performance of the appliance, or even worse, damage it. Frequently, manufacturers will recommend that the air conditioner or furnace be installed by their own service department or by a partner company they have confidence in.

Lack of Maintenance

By maintaining your HVAC system at regular intervals, preferably at least once per year, you can ensure it continues operating smoothly and at its most efficient. If it does have any problems, they will be caught before the problem becomes serious.

Lack of Maintenance Documentation

If you don’t want to void an HVAC warranty, you must be able to demonstrate to the manufacturer that periodic maintenance has been performed. Saving receipts from maintenance appointments are enough to provide proper documentation.

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