Don’t Let These 3 People Touch Your HVAC System

Your Neighbors Who Do DIY Projects

Even if your next-door neighbors swear that they know exactly what is wrong with your furnace and how to fix it, you shouldn’t let them touch your HVAC system. Unless your neighbors are certified technicians, politely decline and call an expert.

While you could ask for a neighbor’s help with simple maintenance tasks, such as changing the air filters or clearing out the drainage lines, anything beyond these chores requires professional assistance.

A Questionable Repair Person

Any reliable HVAC technician will hold proper certifications in the state of Texas, so if you’re considering hiring someone who isn’t certified, think again. Some of the signs that indicate you might be talking to a questionable contractor include a contractor who offers a firm quote by phone without looking at your unit, someone who wants to install HVAC equipment that isn’t energy-efficient equipment, or a person who wants to offer you a model that is more inefficient than your current system. 

All technicians should also hold the NATE certification, which stands for North American Technician Excellence. In order to keep that certification, a technician must stay up-to-date on the latest models, industry regulations, and trends.

You, Too

You might be tempted to try to save some money on home repairs, but tackling DIY furnace or air conditioning repair projects isn’t worth the effort. Problems such as dirty or clogged burners, damaged ducts, sensor issues, or problems with the wiring should all be handled by a certified technician. If you try to open up your furnace or air conditioning unit, you could cause damage to items that are expensive to fix or irreplaceable, so you won’t end up saving much money. 

When you need help from a qualified and certified heating and cooling contractor in the Naples area, call us at Wood Air Conditioning & Plumbing at 903-285-6550

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