Can Duct Cleaning Alleviate Allergies?

When you live in a beautiful locale like Hughes Springs, Texas, a home is an oasis. Part of creating that comfortable environment is ensuring your indoor air quality is impeccable. If it seems like you’ve tried everything without substantially improving your IAQ, consider a few professional solutions. Find out how duct cleaning alleviates allergies, and how whole-home air purifiers improve indoor air quality.

How Duct Cleaning Alleviates Allergies

Your home’s ductwork carries conditioned air from the indoor HVAC component to every room in your home. Since you can’t easily see inside the ducts, you may not know what’s building up. Over time, dust and dirt sneak into your home’s ductwork, where t accumulates and disperses throughout your home.

If you’ve noticed more dust than usual accumulating on surfaces throughout your home, there’s a good chance your family will benefit from duct cleaning. At Wood Air Conditioning & Plumbing, we recommend scheduling duct cleaning every two to five years to ensure your family isn’t exposed to the pollutants that hide in your ducts.

Why Replacing Air Filters Helps Clear the Air

While duct cleaning is a smart move for all homeowners, sometimes you need additional air quality solutions too. For example, our team also recommends replacing HVAC air filters every one to three months. These filters help to trap airborne contaminants before they enter your HVAC system, ductwork and home.

How Whole-Home Air Purifiers Improve IAQ

If you deal with severe allergies, our team recommends investing in a whole-home air purifier. As a sort of next-level air filter, this device captures the tiniest of airborne contaminants to help clean the air inside your home.

Ready to see how much duct cleaning can improve your home’s indoor air quality? Call the experts at Wood Air Conditioning & Plumbing today at 903-285-6550.

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