Attic Insulation: Heed These Tips Before Installing it in Your Home

insulation roll atticAdding attic insulation can be an effective way to increase your home’s energy efficiency. The Department of Energy (DOE) recommends that Winnsboro area homes have sufficient attic insulation to provide an R-value of 30 to 60. Adequate insulation that’s properly installed will keep your home more comfortable in every season.

Consider the following factors as you plan ways to improve your attic insulation:

  • Seal air leaks first. You may be losing a lot of conditioned air via openings between your home and attic that you might not be aware of. Before you add insulation, seal air leaks at the top of open stud walls and around your chimney and places where electrical or plumbing equipment goes through the ceiling.
  • Install a radiant barrier. A radiant barrier consisting of a sprayed-on coating or thin reflective sheeting installed beneath your roof decking will reflect heat back into your house on cold days and block incoming solar heat from your attic on hot days.
  • Choose the right insulation. Blown-in cellulose or fiberglass batts are both good choices for attic insulation. If you’re adding batts to existing insulation, be sure to use un-faced batts to avoid moisture problems.
  • Provide adequate ventilation. Be sure that fiberglass batts or blown-in cellulose insulation doesn’t block free circulation of air through your soffit vents and out of the ridge vents and gable vents. Good air circulation keeps your attic cooler on hot days and helps minimize humidity and prevent moisture damage to insulation and structural members.
  • Avoid fire hazards. Be sure that insulation doesn’t block recessed lighting fixtures that generate high temperatures in your ceiling. Flashing and insulation that touches your chimney and other heat sources should not be flammable.
  • Get professional help. Adding attic insulation is a job you can do yourself if you’re handy with tools, don’t mind working in cramped space and know what you’re doing, but it might make sense to hire an HVAC pro to do the work for you.

Call the home comfort experts at Wood Air Conditioning & Plumbing, Inc. for professional assistance with improving your home’s energy efficiency.

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