Are Those Sniffles a Cold or Allergies?

Residents in Mount Pleasant, Texas, get their share of colds and allergies throughout the year. Most cases are rarely serious, but you need to know whether colds or allergies are causing your sniffles. Whether you have a runny nose, sneezing fit or the beginnings of a cough, understanding the differences between a cold and allergies will help you determine the best course of action to take.

Definition of a Cold

The root cause of a common cold is a viral infection. Many different types of viruses can cause the condition. Although the severity and symptoms of colds may vary, most cases have the same general characteristics. The following symptoms typically characterize colds:

  • Coughing.
  • Sneezing.
  • Sore throat.
  • Runny or stuffy nose.
  • Headache.
  • Fever.
  • Body ache.

Most healthy people will fully recover from a cold within seven to 10 days. However, there are instances where common colds lead to a more serious infection, in which case recovery may take considerably longer. Therefore, it’s important to monitor your symptoms closely.

Definition of Allergies

Allergies are the body’s reaction to a particular allergen. It’s your immune system’s reaction that causes the release of chemicals known as histamines. It’s these histamines that cause a person to show allergy symptoms. Allergies often cause similar symptoms as colds, which include:

  • Sneezing.
  • Coughing.
  • Sore throat.
  • Watery eyes.

Improving Indoor Air Quality

Improving Indoor air quality (IAQ) is one of the best ways to ease the symptoms of colds and allergies. In the case of allergies, which dust or pollen often trigger, improving IAQ could prevent them from occurring in the first place.

Keeping your air conditioning and heating systems clean can greatly improve the IAQ of your home. You could also install an air purifier that reduces potential allergens and pollutants in your living space. As a result, you’ll breathe easier and sleep better at home.

Improving the quality of the air in your home can help ease the symptoms of colds and allergens. Call Wood Air Conditioning & Plumbing, Inc. at 903-285-6550 to find out how one of our experienced service technicians can help you improve your indoor air quality.

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