Advantages of a Split System for Home HVAC

Whether you live in a house that doesn’t have duct work or are just looking for an affordable and convenient way to achieve superior comfort control, a split system could be the perfect solution. Increasingly, people are turning to these cleverly designed HVAC systems to reduce heating and cooling costs, enjoy exceptional climate control and to take advantage of numerous other benefits. This type of system typically consists of a heat pump that is capable of both heating and cooling one or several rooms in a home. Some models are installed with furnaces. In either case, no ducts are necessary.

The Top Advantages of Split Systems

When you consider the key advantages of these kinds of heating and cooling systems, it’s easy to see why so many people are choosing to have them installed. A few of the most notable advantages include:

  • Heating and Cooling in One – Instead of consisting of separate components for heating and cooling your home, this type of system handles it all. The outdoor portion can be installed right on or near the home. There is always at least one indoor unit, but there can be up to eight in most cases. Regardless of the precise configuration, this type of system can heat and cool a home efficiently and effectively.
  • Superior Control – Unlike a traditional ducted system, this type of heating and cooling system can be used to strategically heat and cool specific areas in a home. Turn up the heat in a single bedroom at night, for instance, or turn down the temperature in the kitchen while preparing a meal. Because you don’t have to heat or cool the entire home at one time, you can save a lot of money on energy costs.
  • Quiet Operation – People are typically surprised by how quiet these systems are. That’s true about the indoor units as well as the outdoor unit. Even if the outdoor unit has to be installed directly on the outside wall of the home, you shouldn’t have to worry about being disturbed.
  • Easy Installation and Maintenance – With this type of system, there are no ducts to be installed, so the installation process is a breeze. Whether it features a heat pump or a furnace, maintenance is also a snap. For best results, hire an HVAC company to handle the upkeep for you.
  • User Friendly Design – If you’re tired of having to adjust the temperature with wall-mounted thermostats, you’ll be glad to know that these systems often include remote controls.

Split Systems in Naples TX

If you’re ready to take advantage of the exciting benefits of these home heating and cooling systems, Wood Air Conditioning & Plumbing can help. We are experts in all types of HVAC equipment, and our highly trained, NATE-certified technicians are available to install, repair and maintain all models. Just give us a call at your convenience to learn more.

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