4 Ways Your Home Could Endanger Your Pet

Nowadays, there are many ways to keep your home healthy and clean. Protecting your pets at home is also something to be aware of. Here are four ways that the items we use in our homes can put our furry friends at risk. Learn how to prevent catastrophe and keep your pets safe.

Antifreeze Warning

One chemical to be wary of is antifreeze. It contains the harsh chemical ethylene glycol. Antifreeze can be deadly with just a teaspoon. What makes it especially dangerous to loved ones is its sweet taste. Naturally, animals can be drawn to it. To protect creatures–both your own and wandering ones–be sure to keep it fully bound and out of reach. You can also look out for milder or less toxic versions. 

Chemicals For the Lawn

It might seem ironic, but some fertilizers and gardening products can, in fact, carry toxic chemicals that can be damaging to our animals. This may include fertilizer or plant food. It’s best to opt for organic versions. Speak to your local garden store for guidance. You might even consider sustainable gardening practices to remain environmentally friendly.

De-Icing Salts

Believe it or not, some of the salt crystals we place over our sidewalk to get rid of ice can be toxic. The problem is that our dogs might walk in it and then clean their paws. To help protect them, you can opt for doggy boots in the snow, or clean their feet immediately after a good walk.

Indoor Air Quality

Often, we think of air quality as affecting us people, by causing allergies or asthma. Actually, pets can be sensitive to this too. Continue to keep your HVAC and AC systems clean. Get rid of humidity in your home, and use plenty of fans and open windows. Whenever possible, let your best friends breathe fresh air.

It’s natural to prioritize the needs of ourselves and our children, but we need to be responsible for our animals, too. These are just a few hazards that can harm them. For more info on how to keep your home safe, contact Wood Air Conditioning & Plumbing for help at 903-285-6550.

Image provided by Shutterstock

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