3 Benefits of Duct Cleaning

The air in your Hughes Springs, Texas, home goes through your HVAC system’s ductwork between five and seven times per day, so keeping the ducts clean can make your indoor air healthier and help you lower utility bills. Most people should have their system’s ducts cleaned by a professional at least every five years. Duct cleaning is especially important if someone in your home has respiratory or other health problems. It can help you to save energy, improve your home’s indoor air quality, and extend your HVAC system’s life.

Energy Savings

Duct cleaning is worth the cost because it keeps your heating and air conditioning system working at peak efficiency, thus saving energy. Without regular cleaning, dust, dirt, and even pest droppings and cobwebs can obstruct airflow in the ductwork, forcing the system to work harder. Obstructions in ducts could keep conditioned air from getting to some parts of your home, causing drafty or warm areas.

Better Indoor Air Quality

Having your ducts cleaned regularly improves indoor air quality and gets rid of mold, pollen, pet dander, and other contaminants that can make your home less comfortable. You can check to see if your ductwork needs to be cleaned by removing an air register and wiping the inside of the duct with a damp cloth. If you see a lot of dirt or dust, you should have the ducts cleaned.

A Longer-Lasting HVAC System

Even if you change the system’s air filter often, dust and debris can get into the ductwork over time, harming your HVAC system’s components and shortening its life. Duct cleaning, along with regular maintenance from a professional, keeps contaminants out of your system, preventing uncomfortable breakdowns and reducing your repair costs.

Wood Air Conditioning & Plumbing has more than 50 years of HVAC experience. We can clean your ductwork and install, maintain, and repair a variety of heating and air conditioning equipment. Call us at 903-285-6550 for expert service.

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