2 Keys to Spring Comfort

The gloomy cold of winter is finally gone, and the weather outside looks like something out of a movie. But without a little help, the air inside your Mount Pleasant, Texas, home won’t feel as fresh and comfortable. Rising pollen levels, humidity changes, and HVAC issues can all get in the way of giving you the comfort you deserve. By treating your HVAC system and your home to some spring cleaning, you can make your home as comfortable as the beautiful day outside.

HVAC Maintenance

Your kitchen and living room aren’t the only things that may need some freshening up once spring rolls around. During the winter, your HVAC system experiences enough strain that it needs some “spring cleaning” of its own. Dust and dirt build up within the system while components wear, making spring the perfect time for a checkup from your local HVAC contractor. This seasonal HVAC maintenance involves cleaning the dirty parts of the system, checking for wear and tear, and making any necessary repairs.

HVAC spring cleaning may sound like just another thing to add to your budget, but it will actually save you more money throughout the rest of the year. Maintenance prevents minor issues from becoming severe, ensuring efficiency and comfort in your home.

Indoor Air Quality

Even with all its benefits, spring is notorious for making you sneeze, rub your eyes, and run out of Kleenex. Rising pollen levels during this time of year call for some extra action if you want to avoid the discomfort that can come from low indoor air quality in your home.

Do what you can to keep pollen from getting circulated throughout your HVAC system and becoming part of the airflow in your home. Place welcome mats by your door, clean your pets often, and replace HVAC filters or install a whole-home air cleaner.

Take proper care of your home, and your home will take proper care of you. Our team at Wood Air Conditioning & Plumbing is happy to help you bring greater comfort to your home this spring. Call us today at 903-285-6550 .

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