Why You Should Maximize Airflow and How to Do It in Hughes Spring, TX

During the hot, stuffy days of summer in Hughes Spring, TX, proper air circulation plays a crucial role in regulating temperature. It also keeps the indoor air clean, filtering particle pollutants. On the other hand, poor air circulation can endanger your health. Here are six ways to maximize airflow for a healthier and more comfortable home:

Keep Your Vents and Registers Open

One effective way to increase airflow in your home is to keep the vents and registers open. Remember, you shouldn’t only keep them open when you want to cool a specific section of your home. Closing your registers will make your air conditioner work harder to compensate for the reduction in airflow.

Besides reducing your system’s lifespan and costing you more money in repairs and maintenance, the added work will worsen airflow problems. Therefore, you should ensure all the vents are free of any obstructions.

Schedule Regular Duct Cleaning

Although air filters efficiently trap dust and other indoor pollutants, keeping them from entering your AC system, airborne contaminants can still find a way into it. One factor that makes this possible is the presence of cracks and leaks on your ductwork that invite dust and other debris inside.

Over time, your air conditioner can accumulate debris floating in your home. As the dirt builds up, it blocks the air flowing from your system. Luckily, a service technician can help you keep these vital components debris-free through comprehensive duct cleaning services.

Replace Your Air Filters

Air filters might not seem vital parts to change regularly, but they’re essential in maintaining your air conditioning system’s performance. Your standard filter’s primary job is to protect the system itself from harmful substances in the air. Once you check and change the filter, you make it easier for your system to keep you cool.

Aside from weakening the airflow, a dirty air filter means that your system will be spreading contaminated airborne particles throughout your living space. These particles include dust, lint, pollen, dirt and even tiny microorganisms that you can’t see with your naked eye. As a result, you’ll constantly inhale polluted air, which has a detrimental impact on your health.

Also, keep in mind that if weak airflow persists, it can cause your AC system to freeze, potentially leading to serious damage. Therefore, you should change your air filter every month.

Schedule HVAC Maintenance

Most homeowners make a sound investment in their AC system but fail to maintain it correctly. Your system can only function effectively if you take good care of it and that includes regular maintenance.

In addition to keeping your home cool, a well-maintained air conditioning system prevents all forms of air quality issues. Clean filters and coils mean safer and better breathing for everyone living in the house.

A skilled service technician can inspect and clean your AC system, test operation and look for potential issues that might be weakening airflow. They’ll also help you change your air filter, which can easily limit airflow when it clogs.

Find and Fix Leaks

You should always check your system for leaks and call in a licensed service technician for a quick fix immediately you notice them. Remember, even a single leak is enough to let air escape your system, making it harder for your AC system to move air efficiently.

Turn On Your Ceiling Fans

Another simple way of maximizing airflow is turning on your ceiling fans. Make sure your fans turn in a counterclockwise direction during summer to circulate cool air.

While ceiling fans can’t lower indoor temperatures, they create a cooling effect, thus helping you cool off. When combined with open windows, fans can effectively work to increase airflow.

Are you suffering from poor indoor air quality due to a faulty AC system? Our factory-trained service technicians can help you create a more pleasant and safe environment. Contact Wood Air Conditioning & Plumbing today for reliable AC repair services.

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