The Truth Behind These 6 Common HVAC Myths in Naples, TX

If you don’t know how an HVAC system operates, you’re likely to subscribe to one of many myths floating around. Homeowners think that following one or more of these myths in Naples, TX, will help them make the system more energy efficient, but this may not always be the case.

A Bigger AC Cools Your Home Faster

The size of your HVAC system should match the square footage of your room and your heating and cooling needs. If you pick a bigger system, it might switch on and off prematurely, which may damage it. The system might cool your system faster, but you’ll be paying upfront for power you don’t need.

Instead of installing a bigger HVAC system, you can have us correctly size it. Modern systems have variable speed motors that adjust to the cooling needs of your home.

You Can Size Your HVAC System Based on the Size of Your Home Alone

To create an efficient HVAC system, you need to properly size it. Some homeowners believe that you can size your HVAC system based on the size of your home. Instead, we consider several factors, including the square footage of your home, the number of windows and their orientation, the size of the windows, insulation and ventilation of the rooms and the ceiling height, among many others.

While the size of the rooms plays a part in determining the size of the HVAC system, we consider your heating and cooling needs in general. If you don’t properly calculate the cooling needs of your home, you may end up with an oversized system that cycles on and off frequently.

Routine Maintenance Isn’t Necessary

Your HVAC system may still work well even without routine maintenance, but only for a few seasons. The lifespan of your system is dependent on how well you maintain it. You can wait for your system to break down and do repairs, but that might lead to more problems with your HVAC system.

Without routine maintenance, your system will develop mechanical issues, which might later cause a total system breakdown. During routine maintenance, we will tuneup your system to ensure it performs efficiently and you save energy while you’re at it.

Shutting the HVAC On and Off Will Save You Money

Your air conditioner will use more energy when you switch it on for the first few minutes. After that, once the temperature gets to the desired level, the HVAC system uses less energy. If you switch it off after a few minutes, your system will consume more energy than it would if you let it run constantly.

Furthermore, switching the system on and off affects your compressor. You put a lot of pressure on the compressor and you end up compromising the humidity and overall air comfort of your home.

The Location of the Thermostat Doesn’t Matter

The location of a thermostat is important for convenience, and it also ensures that the thermostat gives accurate readings of the ambient temperature. If you place it in the wrong place, it gives inaccurate readings that increase your utility bills. Inaccurate readings can make your home uncomfortable and can also lead to system damages.

If you place the thermostat near the supply air register or near a window, the thermostat will record inaccurate readings. If the sun shines directly on your thermostat, it’ll give wrong readings and the AC system will think the house is hotter.

Windows Contribute to the Most Cooling and Heating Loss

Windows might contribute to cooling and heat loss, but the roof and the ceiling lose more energy than the windows. However, you still need to fix any air leaks around the windows to ensure there’s no loss. One of our service technicians will ensure that your windows and other parts that lead to air loss have proper insulation to save energy.

We offer a variety of services. Call our team at Wood Air Conditioning & Plumbing if you need HVAC, indoor air quality and plumbing services in Naples, TX.

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