The Causes of These 6 Common AC Odors

Have you ever turned on your air conditioning only to notice a foul or bizarre odor emanating from your vents? If so, you aren’t alone. Over time, mold, bacteria, and other contaminants enter your HVAC system and ductwork causing the stench to run into your home. If you want to know what’s causing the smell and a way to fix the problem in your Mount Pleasant, Texas, home, check out these causes of common air conditioning odors.

Musty Odors

More often than not, musty aromas are the result of mold building up somewhere in your HVAC system. The problem with mold is that it grows easily within the home. All it needs is moisture and a food supply. To eradicate the problem, you need to be vigilant before the problem begins. One of the best ways to do this is by having one of our technicians examine your home and test it for mold. By scheduling indoor air quality testing, you can stop mold in its tracks.

Dirty Sock Syndrome

Another unpleasant smell that many homeowners complain about is one that makes is seems as if your entire home is littered with dirty socks. If you’ve ever been inside a gym locker room or smelled sports gear after a game, you probably know the smell. Much like musty odors, this syndrome is sometimes caused by mold, but bacteria and other contaminants within the system also contribute. Whether living or decaying, the debris starts to emit a stench, most often on evaporator coils, where the bacteria and mold live due to excess condensation. Essentially, there are two solutions to the problem: Buy a germicidal UV light that kills the mold, or get a professional cleaning.

Rotten Eggs

Unless you live near a volcano or you work at a sulfur plant, the stench of rotten eggs isn’t something you should smell when you turn on your air conditioner. This problem is usually the result of a decomposing animal within the ductwork. Birds and rodents find their way into your home, especially during the winter to escape the cold. If they die, once decomposition sets in, the disgusting smell worsens. When you turn on your air conditioner, the smell then wafts into the home. You should have the animal removed as soon as possible. Beyond animals it is important to determine the cause of the smell as soon as possible so your health is not seriously affected.

Other Odors Caused by Animals

If you don’t clean your litter box, the odor will be easily spread by the airflow. It gets sucked into the vent and is distributed through the house through the ductwork. Other causes of animal smells are pet dander, urine, and fecal matter, and dirt tracked in by your pet. To eliminate the smell, move all pet beds, litter boxes, and animal toys away from the vents.

Similarly, taking too long to empty the garbage can cause the odors to waft from the kitchen through the vents and affect the entire home every time the AC cycles on. Cleaning your home and filter will help to control AC odors.

Exhaust Fumes

The smell of exhaust fumes coming from your air conditioner is not only unpleasant, but it’s also dangerous. Because air conditioners run on electricity, not fossil fuels, exhaust is a telltale sign that the fluids inside the motor or other components are leaking. There’s no foolproof way to tell what’s causing the problem aside from a visual inspection, and even then, doing the repair yourself isn’t recommended. Contact your technician right away.

Call the Experts

Your home doesn’t have to smell like a zoo whenever you use your air conditioner. Remember that proper maintenance and inspections are essential in maintaining an odorless, functional system. If you think you might need some routine repairs or want to rid your home of any unpleasant odors, call Wood Air Conditioning & Plumbing Inc. today at 903-285-6550.

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